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Amy Knox
Messenger of Your Soul's Blueprint

Tapping into ancient wisdom, the true art of mediumship

What is your soul's blueprint?

     Your soul's blueprint is the arrangement of your sacred plan and life purpose that you came into this world to experience.

    When we incarnate on this Earth, the exact time we are born is noted with all of the information about our soul. A Soul Blueprint is a collection of this information.

Searching out your Soul Blueprint can help you bring much-needed clarity into your life, or provide you with the correct information from the Universe that you are on the right path.

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My Services

Integrated Sessions

No one healing modality suits the body. That's why I integrate all: reflexology, reiki, sound therapy, crystals, essential oils, and mediumship along with the education of psychology. Together these create clarity to your soul's blueprint, it helps the body to align, stimulates the nervous and circulatory system, alleviates pain, and aids in helping the body's own healing process.

Reiki Treatment

Oracle Communication

Communication with our loved ones has beneficial healing properties. Knowing they are nearby and leaving signs that they are happy eases our hearts.  Being an Oracle is a gift I have crafted to help those that are grieving or looking for answers to their soul's blueprint.



87 Pierce Ave Lakeville, Mass

(508) 243-1556

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